We crossed 1 lac+ investors on All Weather Investing!

The Need for All Weather Investing

  • Stability: The investment would be stable even during times of market volatility. By this, we meant an investment that could be sold anytime without worrying about market tops and bottoms. Neither would the investment ship sink during bad times, nor would the flight sore to scary heights during good times. It would be designed to be stable and slowly but steadily build wealth over the long term.
  • Higher returns than Fixed Deposits/Bank Savings: With inflation hovering at around 5% levels and FD returns also being around those levels, FD investors were essentially either losing money or not making any money at all. We understood that while these options might be stable, they were not efficient wealth creators.
  • The stability of an FD-like investment
  • The upside and wealth creation characteristic of equity-like investments
  • The hedge/protective layer of gold-like investments when equity markets would not do well

The birth of All Weather Investing

The combination of Equity-Gold-Debt

Performance v/s equity large-cap
Maximum Drawdown
  • is liquid — so you can invest & redeem your money instantaneously
  • is cost-efficient compared to alternatives
  • has greater value than can be found anywhere else



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